Topic Hat


By Tímea Balogh

On this page you can find a list of the topics we have thrown into our “topic hat” for the current season. We present these topics on small slips with a full description and some questions to help you start a conversation in your groups. Before the discussion, we choose three random topics with a mysterious two-word title, then you can vote on the topic of the night.

*** It is not only us organizers who can bring in an interesting topic. If you have a good topic idea in mind, feel free to contact us. Send along a short description with a few thought-provoking questions, and if we find the topic suitable for a club discussion, we will just throw it into the hat.

Here’s the list of topics with a sample question (updated on October 16th, 2021):
1. Pending pension
What activities do you think you will do when you are retired?

2. Mind the gap year!
Do you think it’s useful to do something else for a while between big changes in life?
3. Cohousing
Can you imagine that you share a community area with your neighbors within the house?
4. Life online
What were your experiences regarding online education/home office?
5. Creative Commons

What you share your own creative work/product with the world for free?
6. Gaming curfew
Whose responsibility is it to control children’s screen time?

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