Topic Hat


By Tímea Balogh

On this page you can find a list of the topics we have thrown into our “topic hat” for the current season. We present these topics on small slips with a full description and some questions to help you start a conversation in your groups. Before the discussion, we choose three random topics with a mysterious two-word title, then you can vote on the topic of the night.

*** It is not only us organizers who can bring in an interesting topic. If you have a good topic idea in mind, feel free to contact us. Send along a short description with a few thought-provoking questions, and if we find the topic suitable for a club discussion, we will just throw it into the hat.

Here’s the list of topics with a sample question (updated on April 24, 2022):
1. Pending pension
What activities do you think you will do when you are retired?

2. Mind the gap year!
Do you think it’s useful to do something else for a while between big changes in life?

3. Creative Commons

What you share your own creative work/product with the world for free?
4. Education today
What would be the first thing you’d change in our education system?
5. Room for improvement
What is something in your life you would like to get better at?
6. Love languages
What are the best ways for you to express love?
7. Frowned upon positivity
How often do you allow yourself to feel down?
8. Lies and excuses
Do you think lying is a natural part of our life?
9. Good looks
Would you go on a blind date?
10. Helping the world
How much can everyday people do for the world?
11. Challenge accepted
How would you challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone?
12. Being wrong
How do you handle being wrong?

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