Here’s an overview of our special summer season. You can find our latest Facebook event here.

July 10, Monday – a picnic at Nehru-part

This is going to be a traditional TAKE FIVE summer picnic at Nehru part, right next to Bálna. As we sit down on the grass, please don’t forget to bring a blanket with you. Also, feel free to bring some snacks or drinks. There are at least three grocery stores just a few minutes away from the venue. In the long break, you can check out the bars at Bálna or use the bathroom for free. The program will more or less be based on our regular format, depending on the number of attendees.

July 23, Sunday – a hike in the Pilis

Join us for the first hike ever in the history of TAKE FIVE! We are planning to hike along the Spartacus trail which begins in Pilisszentlászló. We are going to meet around 9 am at Batthyány tér HÉV station. The train leaves at 9:18. In Szentendre, we need to transfer to a bus that will take us to Pilisszentlászló. The length of the event is flexible, but the earliest we can get back to Budapest will probably be in the late afternoon. Important: we are offering to cover your travel costs if you need so.