We founded the club in the fall of 2011. Our goal was to create a place where anyone can keep up and improve their spoken English in a stress-free environment. Language learners have a great deal of opportunities at their fingertips. Most of these, however, share the lack of authentic oral practice.

TAKE FIVE sets out to fill the void.

What happens in the club?
We always begin with a short introductory round during which everyone can say a few words about themselves, and also answer a warm-up question like “What comes to your mind when you hear the word…?”. In the first half of each session, we get to know each other through lighthearted pair activities, and then discuss a thought-provoking topic. The topics are collected by the organizers for the most part, but we occasionally receive topics from our guests too. We start out in small groups, then one speaker from each group gives a brief summary of their group’s discussion. In the remaining time, after a long break, we play amusing games in which the main focus is the spontaneous and creative use of the language. For example: Taboo or Scattergories

Where and when?
For the club meetings we book a room at Vault 51, one of the coolest gamer bars where you can choose from a variety of dishes and other snacks. Vault 51 can be found in the city center, near Oktogon. The club opens its doors every second Wednesday at 6:00 pm, and the sessions usually last until 9:00. Before joining us, please read our official guidelines.

Is there a participation fee?
Yes, there is. For more details, check out the Contribution page.

What if I’m not good enough to talk?
Because of the topics and the intensive English speaking, the recommended level is B1 and above. Click here to do an English language test so you can see where you are now. Don’t worry, nobody is forced to take part in the conversations and games. You are welcome to join us as a listener. Please let us know when you arrive.

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