If you attend our sessions, we need your contribution. You may choose from the following two options:


Join our sessions for 1000 HUF,
and we provide you with a colorful 3-hour program which includes:

  • an opportunity to get to know new people through English
  • small group discussion on an interesting, thought-provoking topic
  • a chance to improve your presentation skills
  • hilarious creative, language-based games
  • feedback from English teacher members if you wish

You can become a ‘Generous Contributor’ if you support us with 1500 HUF per occasion, at least five times in a row. Premium membership comes with privileges:

  • double vote on the night’s topic
  • 3 free drinks or 1 meal per season
  • if you send us a topic, it will always be one of the three choices when we are voting
  • your name appears on our website
  • you are cordially invited to our end-season organizers’ meeting, and we gladly take your suggestions as to how to improve our club sessions

Click here to see our Generous Contributors.