We award badges to our recurring members to express our gratitude for their loyalty and enthusiasm. There are three categories. The silver-blue Recurring Member Badge is awarded to those who have attended at least 10 club sessions. The red-golden All-Time Member Badge goes to those who have participated in at least 30 of our events. The person that has appeared most frequently during one particular season earns the  one-time Guest of the Season Badge.

The All-Time Member Badge
has been awarded to:
Juhász Orsolya
Majdanics Antal
Regina Synerella Gray
Varjú Bence
Végh Zoltán
Zelei Róbert

The Recurring Member Badge
has been awarded to:
Berta Tamás
Fülöp Ambrus
Juhász Anna
Nagy Alexandra
Peták Szabolcs

The Guest of the Season Badge
has been awarded to:
Hámori Luca
(fall, 2021)