We award badges to our recurring members to express our gratitude for their loyalty and enthusiasm. There are three categories. The silver-blue Recurring Member Badge is awarded to those who have attended at least 10 club sessions. The red-golden All-Time Member Badge goes to those who have participated in at least 30 of our events. The person that has appeared most frequently during one particular season earns the  one-time Guest of the Season Badge.

The All-Time Member Badge
has been awarded to:
Majdanics Antal
Regina Synerella Gray
Végh Zoltán

The Recurring Member Badge
has been awarded to:
Berta Tamás
Fülöp Ambrus
Haász Dorina
Juhász Anna
Juhász Orsolya
Karosi Flóra
Mihály Tímea
Nagy Alexandra
Peták Szabolcs
Varjú Bence
Váczi Kincső
Viscovic Luka
Zelei Róbert

The Guest of the Season Badge
has been awarded to:
Németh Krisztina
(spring, 2020)