Clink, clink!


Only one more like and our club will have no less than one hundred online supporters. I would like to give a short online speech on this special occasion. [He clears his virtual throat.]

In the summer of 2011, I founded the TAKE FIVE club merely out of curiosity. It was an initiative resting on wobbly pillars – vague and experimental. As time passed by, a row of poorly organized meetings and the awkwardness of constant low attendance made me recognize the necessity and importance of a well-working team of managers. From the hard core of the visitors I selected a small group of people who assisted in raising the standards of the club in an exceptionally passionate and cooperative spirit. Thus, after years of persistent work, my concept has finally burst into bloom. Last week I was sitting there in the dimness of light and witnessed the club spread its wings and fly away. I would like to express my gratitude to all of my direct helpers and all of the visitors for making this possible. Thank you.

Zsombor Váczi, March 7th, 2014