English whispers

Over the last few months, we’ve tried out a number of popular online games. Every second Thursday, we gather on our Discord server in the ‘Big Table’ voice channel. After a short intro round, sometimes followed by an amusing ice-breaker game, we choose something from our favorites list. Depending on the number of attendees, we play Jackbox, Taboo, Fishbowl, Codenames or skribbl.io. This Thursday we tried out a new game called Gartic Phone, which turned out to be the greatest fun ever! In short, it is the modernized online version of the well-known Chinese whispers game.

We create a room, everybody joins, then the host launches the game. In the first round, you write down a few words as a scene title to start the chain. In the second round, the computer shuffles the titles. This time you have to draw a scene based on a random player’s title. In the third round, someone else will receive your drawing and has to give a new title to it. The chain goes on until we reach the number of players.

When the writing and drawing is over, the host presents the stories on the screen. All you need to do is laugh out loud as the stories evolve from the very first title until the last drawing, filtering through everyone’s crazy imagination. Before you quit the game, you can download any of the story chains as a GIF. Scroll down (after clicking on ‘Continue reading”) to see a fine selection of our slideshows from Thursday:

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