Well, hello there. It’s been a while since we talked, so allow me to bring you up to speed and tell you the latest in TAKE FIVE matters.

Where to start… Okay, so the club has been going well. We’ve had the first two sessions of the spring season and they were great. Last time we had 20 visitors, which is quite a few, and hopefully – I daresay it seems so – we will have even more. We’ll have plenty of time to break our record of 27 people, as there are still 6 sessions left till summer. That is, of course, not to say that we put quantity over quality, and anyone who has ever been to a club session will agree that our guests make a fantastic group of people.


And speaking of our beloved guests, there are two I would like to draw special attention to. The reason for this is that being an English Conversation Club, it is humbling, flattering, and most certainly damn good fun to have two native English speakers in our midst. Ed has been attending the club long enough now to be called a regular club member, and he bears the proud title of being the first native speaker to frequent our sessions. Sylvia only discovered the club about a month ago by accident, but it would seem that she and the club are a match made in heaven. The funniest part is that she has been living opposite CDFŰ for quite a while now, neither of us knowing of the other. We look forward to having both of them at the club.


Some of these envelopes have been waiting for years to accommodate a topic – don’t let their dream die, adopt an envelope today.

Still on the topic (notice the word) of our visitors, we have a public announcement for you! As you know, TAKE FIVE topics don’t grow on trees (strangely, the TAKE FIVE tree’s fruit is bells and strange words like ‘excrescence’), and it would be a disastrous waste not to give you the opportunity to discuss the fascinating topics that interest you! So, both practical and enjoyable, WE CALL ON ALL OUR MEMBERS TO TAKE PART IN THE TOPIC-CREATING! We’re sure there are plenty of things that interest you, so share your opinions and ideas with us! If you have something in mind, do not to hesitate; just send it to one of the organisers or the TAKE FIVE page, and we’ll get right on it. You can send just a sentence and we’ll try to expand it into a topic, or we’re always happy if we receive full topic descriptions with relating questions.

Also, our newer members may not know this, but waaaay back in the day, when Zsombor was almost young, I was slightly less old, and Era was a shockingly mature teenager, there used to be a TAKE FIVE album. It was put together by our club members, and now we plan on putting together something similar. So, we ask you to think about songs you like and might play well in the background of a session, and who knows, maybe a second TAKE FIVE album won’t be a dream anymore.

But enough about us, come to the next session so that we can hear from you!