X Gender

The last session of Take Five saw a record number of participants. Actually, there were so many of us that the organisers tried to count it on at least three occasions, gave it up at least five times, and agreed on the headcount of 17 only days after the event due to a severe case of mass dyscalculia.

But fear not, dear takefivers, this strange memory lapse did not affect the actual happe-nings at the club. We had a marvellous time as usual: we were pondering what a llama’s first thought might be in the morning, we shared rather indelicate stories, we tried to ba-lance on chairs with dubious stability, we laughed like drains, and we reasoned like there was no tomorrow.


We also went into a longer than expected discussion on our weekly topic, which was X gender. The questions planned were as follows:

♦  What do you think of gender bending? (performing a gender different from what is bio-logically given)
♦  Would you let your kid play with toys which are not stereotypically ‘meant’ for him/her?
  What do you think of genderless education? What are your experiences?
  Do you think Hungary should have an X gender on passports? (See Australia)

I bet just reading about it made you all hot and squirmy. Emotions and arguments certainly ran high: we debated the binary nature of biological sex, and tried to make sense of ungendered education and upbringing. Sadly time, that sneaky bastard, got in our way of creating the perfect society, so the organisers decided to bring this topic back in this season.

Since we got so absorbed in our debate, there was no time for games. We are planning to make up for it next week, so do try to be punctual next Thursday, because if you are late, you might just miss out on our new arrival games!

Check our Facebook page for next week’s event!

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