Well, this was a first

Yes, that’s right, we have had our very first Summer Session!

It truly was an international occasion: Hungarians talking in English with German precision and French elegance, and all of this in what most certainly felt like a Finnish sauna. Despite the heat and lack of oxygen, we did have a good time in the patented TAKE FIVE way; lots of laughs, an interesting topic, and a game at the end, which happened to be Taboo.

Also, even though we originally intended to put the topics in reserve for next autumn, we did use one from our topic hat, and we will continue to use them. HOWEVER, we hope it won’t be the only source of discussion-material, and we encourage all club visitors to bring topics that interest them, as we would love to talk them over.

As a feature of the Summer Sessions, we plan on getting our guests more involved in the topics, knowing from the TAKE FIVE discussions that they are fascinating individuals, bursting with ideas. So don’t be shy; send us a topic/article/thought-provoking sentence along with some questions for the others to get the ball rolling, and if all goes well, it will be featured at the next club meeting! You can send it via Facebook to the club’s page.

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