Summer has begun

On June 22 we gathered for the opening session of the summer season. As always, we prefer to leave our headquarters in the summer to catch some sunlight. This year we contacted Magvető Café, and booked a few tables to try out how a TAKE FIVE meeting would go there. As you can see in the photos, the extraordinary summery club atmosphere was present, and hopefully it will remain for the rest of the season. The next session will be on July 6. Take a look at the photo gallery below to get rid of your uncertainties about whether you want to join us next time.

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About Zsombor

I am the founder of TAKE FIVE - English Language Club. I graduated from ELTE university as a teacher of English and Hungarian as a foreign language. In 2016, I started to work at a school where I teach children with special educational needs. I regularly write about my experiences in the classroom. Besides teaching, I'm also interested in film-making. I got my first camera at the age of 17, and I have been learning about cinema ever since. I spent 4 years studying film theory and history, and I also had a chance to spend half a year at the Budapest Film Academy attending a writing-directing course.

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