Let’s play!

We launched our gaming sessions last night, and we can tell you that we had a great time! If you feel the need to unwind at the end of a long day, or you simply miss the club, don’t hesitate to join us for some light-hearted gaming every second Thursday until the winter break. Check out the calendar for the dates. If you’re interested, feel free to contact us on our Facebook page, and we’ll send you the link to our Discord server.

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About Zsombor

I am a teacher of English and Hungarian as a foreign language. In 2011, I founded the TAKE FIVE - English Language Club. In 2016, I started working at a school where I teach children with special educational needs. I regularly write about my experiences in the classroom or about any other education-related topics. Besides teaching, I'm also interested in film-making. I got my first camcorder at the age of 17, and I've been learning about cinematography ever since. I spent 4 years studying film theory and history, and I also had a chance to spend half a year at the Budapest Film Academy, attending a writing-directing course.

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