April 7th, 2022

The fifth session of the spring season was organized at Vault 51, a gamer bar in downtown Budapest, which definitely has a nostalgic feel with its uncanny resemblance to one of our former regular venues. We have set another record with a total of 25 people in the room throughout the night. The last time we reached the same number was more than two years ago, in the March of 2020. After a year-long struggle with low attendance, cancellations and online sessions, we were thrilled to have such a big group in our club. As usual nowadays, we had a chance to welcome visitors from abroad. Besides our recurring members, there were new people from Ukraine, Germany and even the United States, which means that we had a native speaker on board again!

As you know, we like to reflect on current issues. This time our game section revolved around the elections. The groups were asked to form their own ‘wacky’ party and give a short campaign speech. In the end, we cast our votes and dropped them into a nice ballot box made by Balázs. In all likelihood the rest of our sessions will be organized at the same place, but you will find all necessary information either here or on our Facebook page.

10th Anniversary

TAKE FIVE opened its doors in the fall of 2011 and has gone an incredibly long way ever since. Over the course of ten years, the little group of enthusiastic university students turned into a major biweekly event with people from all around the world. TAKE FIVE has been here for a decade to provide a venue for language learners as well as foreigners seeking new friends in Hungary. With nearly 200 sessions behind our backs, we celebrated our birthday with an extraordinary event at Muzikum on September 23rd. Besides some of our regular activities, we amused our guests with fun quiz games to revisit a few milestones down memory lane. We would like to thank Szilvia Liska for the wonderful photos, and also our faithful members for choosing us every second Thursday.

Summer picnic by the Danube


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We had a fantastic time on Thursday at Nehru part. This was the second ever picnic style session in the history of our club. The introductory section revolved around music, but we also brought back some old favorites, such as … Continue reading

Students in the spotlight

This summer we decided to inject some authentic real-life experience into our regular intensive English course. Since the third session of TAKE FIVE coincided with our course, the students left the classroom for a night and joined the English club, where they mingled with the crowd and had a great time. Meanwhile, we marked another long-awaited record of 22 attendees.