New season, new club

It’s been nearly a month since we last posted on the blog. We have good news and good news. Which do you want to hear first? OK. Our beloved place seems to remain open for the upcoming season, so nothing will change in that regard. We are on the way to book a table for every second Thursday. The first session will be on September 18th, at 6:00 pm. Keep an eye out for the Facebook event!

A few significant changes are also in the pipeline. Let us introduce the concept of “topic hat”, which practically means that for every season to come there will be a long list of topics – preferably 12-15 on both local and worldwide issues. Every time we meet, we draw two or three topics from the hat randomly, crossing them out from the list.


Illustrated by Tímea Balogh

This way we can handle the topics much more flexibly, not to mention that more people may become interested in the club sessions due to the diversity of the topics covered. We will prepare a brief vocabulary list, too, that will include the most important words for the given discussion. But wait, there’s more to it! You have a chance to recommend any topic in the world by writing a few lines about it and attaching some background information for us. We read it and decide whether it could work for a club meeting; if so, we simply drop it into the hat. Feel free to contribute to the list.

Besides the all-time favorites, we are planning to bring in a couple of very entertaining games, such as finding the most amusing and banal wikiHow entries on everyday activities and see if we could actually do them without instructions. You can expect immense fun!

Just so that you know, a part of the club’s money will be spent on Facebook advertising, which happens to be the most effective way nowadays. We have also set aside money for a new game called Last Letter. We were to purchase it during the summer, but it’s unfortunately out of stock in Hungary. Finally, as you might have seen in our Summer Course account, we have completed the Story Cubes set with the third (orange) box.

Get in the mood with the first TAKE FIVE music selection, and check out the previous posts on the blog. See you next week at CD-FŰ!